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Beauty massage

By bluedoorsp1117011, May 15 2018 03:55PM

For centuries cultures throughout the world have turned to various modalities of massage to ease pain and heal the body and mind. In recent years Western Medicine has once again begun to recognize the benefits of therapeutic massage on the whole person after a surgical procedure. More and more doctors are suggesting therapeutic massage to their patients to help decrease pain and promote a more speedy recovery.

There are potentially dozens of reasons why one should consider massage to aid in recovery. Here, at Blue Door Spa and Salon, we have narrowed it down to five reasons you should consider a post-surgical massage:

1. Pain Management

Perhaps this is the most obvious reason and also the most important. Massage naturally relieves pain and discomfort. Some medical studies have shown that massage can be as effective in treating an individual’s source of pain as taking varies types of pain relieving medications.

2. Reduces Stress and Anxiety and Improves Mood

Massage provokes the body to release chemicals from the Endocrine System. Many of these chemicals are similar to endorphins and help bring a sense of well-being over the individual receiving the massage. This in turn improves the individual’s overall out-look which then decreases stress and anxiety.

3. Massage Improves Flexibility and Mobility

During recovery it is not uncommon for an individual to have to limit their movement for some amount of time. As a result the muscles and joints tend to become stiff. Massage is designed to “warm up” the muscles and surrounding tissues. After massage individuals feel a sense of lightness in their muscles and regain the ability to move the body more freely.

4. Massage Promotes Blood and Oxygen Flow Throughout the Body

In order for wounds to heal the body needs to be able to supply oxygen and other nutrients to the affected area through the blood. When muscles are encouraged into a more relaxed state through massage they allow blood and oxygen to flow more effectively throughout the body. This potentially can decrease healing time.

5. Massage Helps to Breakup and Prevent Scar Tissue

With any surgery, no matter how minor, there is always the possibility for scar tissue to develop. Methods such as cross-fiber friction can help minimize and break down adhesions both at the superficial level as well as in the deeper tissues of the body.

For more information please reference The American Massage Therapy Association at or call and consult with one of our many qualified licensed massage therapists. Finally, before booking a post-surgical massage we do insist that you ask your doctor to clearance first and remember for best results regular massage is always recommended.

By Jennifer Gorman - Spa Director.

By bluedoorsp1117011, Mar 31 2017 12:30AM

Dear Blue Beauty Followers,

We have a couple of sad goodbyes to say to two of our much loved staff members, Montee' Posey , a Massage Therapist has moved up to Ashville, NC. Not too far from our Banner Elk, Nc location, so i know we will see her again and hopefully I will get to work with her from time to time. The other to depart is Mallory Draudt, she has left us to have a baby and be a full time mom to her bundle of joy, she is currently on mommy leave and we cannot wait to meet her new addition and have some baby cuddles. We wish them both the best of luck and lots of love. xxx

On the flip side it is fun to welcome two new additions to our Hair Department, Jay and Dawn. These wonderful talents only enhance what Blue Door already offers.....Top quality people who have a love for their industry, stay educated and are enthusiastic to share that knowledge and love with our guests. Take a look at OUR MEET US page to see everyone who works their magic at the spa and salon.

Also introducing "MICRO NEEDLING" Our Master Esthetician, Jennifer Gorman is now offering Micro Needling. An innovative procedure in Asthetics for the treatment of the appearance of fine lines, acne scars and the skins texture, tone and color. She uses the Micro Pen, a device that moves in a vertical direction, offering better precision than the rollers. CALL 941-747-0111 and speak with one of our informed Spa Coordinators to set up an appointment or just to get more information. Book a series for enhanced results and SAVINGS.

So do come in and enjoy what we have to offer here at Blue Door Spa and Salon. we are always learning and growing. And, remember we have a complimentry sauna and relaxation lounge to make your visit that extra bit special.

So until next time,

Nicky Nagy



By bluedoorsp1117011, Feb 15 2017 08:32PM

Dear Blue Beauty Followers,

It has been a busy New Year at Blue Door, we completely renovated and updated our Pedicure room. Sanitation being our primary goal. We wanted to provide the very best for our guests. Our new bowls are jet free, meaning there is no pesky nooks or crannies bacteria can hide. We already had strict hygiene at Blue Door but have taken this up a level with our new bowls. You, the valued guest can feel confident that we have your safety in mind. With that being said we did not want luxury to suffer. Blue Door now offers you three fabulous scents to choose form for your nail sevice. A complete pampering session awaits you.

We also have some staff additions, we are proud to weclome LIsa to our beautiful nail department , taking care of ALL your nail needs, and Ellen to our Spa, offering Massage and Facials.

As always LIKE us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and Instagram and check out You Tube, to keep fully up on all our offers and FABULOUS pampering availability.

By bluedoorsp1117011, Sep 20 2016 02:49PM

Dear Blue Beauty Followers,

September at Blue Door Spa and Salon, is all about YOU. We offer great savings and specials every day of the week to make having some "ME" time even easier. You can choose from, Facials, Massage, Body scrubs, Waxing, Manicures and Pedicure. Everything you need to renew your soul and body. School is back in session and now it is your time. Recharge before the holiday craziness kicks in.

Check out our homepage and our facebook pages daily for these updates.


By bluedoorsp1117011, Aug 11 2016 08:22PM

Dear Blue Beauty guests,

The school holidays are abruptly over. We know this time of year is especially hetic for families and teachers. We love to take care of those who care and educate our kids, so be sure if you are a teacher or faculty member, make use of our Treat the Teacher offer that runs from now through October. Take care of yourself so you can take care of our learning ones.

Well what a HOT summer it has been, and continues to be so. Here in Florida sun protection is especially IMPORTANT. I am always surprised at how many of us go without suncreen thinking instead our make up is sufficient, in a nutshell IT IS NOT!! Here are Blue Door Spa & Salon, we take skin care very seriously. Our skin care lines are professional, F.D.A approved and full of ACTIVE ingredients. I encourage you to take a look and try a facial with our expertly trained Estheticians. Its all about protection, hydration and anti - ageing. You will not be sorry. We offer great deals on series and packages. Check out G.M. Collin our clinical line and Decelor our Aromatherapy based line. Both excellent with actual, prooven results.

All of us at Blue Door Spa & Salon look foward to seeing you soon and for some cooler weather.