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Post-Surgical Benefits of Massage

By bluedoorsp1117011, May 15 2018 03:55PM

For centuries cultures throughout the world have turned to various modalities of massage to ease pain and heal the body and mind. In recent years Western Medicine has once again begun to recognize the benefits of therapeutic massage on the whole person after a surgical procedure. More and more doctors are suggesting therapeutic massage to their patients to help decrease pain and promote a more speedy recovery.

There are potentially dozens of reasons why one should consider massage to aid in recovery. Here, at Blue Door Spa and Salon, we have narrowed it down to five reasons you should consider a post-surgical massage:

1. Pain Management

Perhaps this is the most obvious reason and also the most important. Massage naturally relieves pain and discomfort. Some medical studies have shown that massage can be as effective in treating an individual’s source of pain as taking varies types of pain relieving medications.

2. Reduces Stress and Anxiety and Improves Mood

Massage provokes the body to release chemicals from the Endocrine System. Many of these chemicals are similar to endorphins and help bring a sense of well-being over the individual receiving the massage. This in turn improves the individual’s overall out-look which then decreases stress and anxiety.

3. Massage Improves Flexibility and Mobility

During recovery it is not uncommon for an individual to have to limit their movement for some amount of time. As a result the muscles and joints tend to become stiff. Massage is designed to “warm up” the muscles and surrounding tissues. After massage individuals feel a sense of lightness in their muscles and regain the ability to move the body more freely.

4. Massage Promotes Blood and Oxygen Flow Throughout the Body

In order for wounds to heal the body needs to be able to supply oxygen and other nutrients to the affected area through the blood. When muscles are encouraged into a more relaxed state through massage they allow blood and oxygen to flow more effectively throughout the body. This potentially can decrease healing time.

5. Massage Helps to Breakup and Prevent Scar Tissue

With any surgery, no matter how minor, there is always the possibility for scar tissue to develop. Methods such as cross-fiber friction can help minimize and break down adhesions both at the superficial level as well as in the deeper tissues of the body.

For more information please reference The American Massage Therapy Association at or call and consult with one of our many qualified licensed massage therapists. Finally, before booking a post-surgical massage we do insist that you ask your doctor to clearance first and remember for best results regular massage is always recommended.

By Jennifer Gorman - Spa Director.

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